Wild Cat Grill

Rosedale, BC

Wild Cat Grill is a local restaurant that servers burgers, grill and pub fare. Its very close to Chickadees Nest, has a nice patio facing the mountains and has great food!

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Ocean Sushi

Rosedale, BC

In the mood for some Japanese delights! This little Sushi restaurant is great for fresh tasting, quality sushi.

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Silvano's Restaurant

Agassiz, BC

In the mood for some Greek home cooking? Silvano's is the local place to go. Agassiz is just a few minutes from Chickadee's Nest. The prices are good and the service is friendly.

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Barcelos Flame Grillled Chicken

Rosedale, BC

Barcelos is a local Portuguese inspired franchise which is really close to Chickadees Nest. This restaurant serves high quality food for a great price. Many options to choose from. If you love spicy, you can turn up the heat here!

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Local Wineries & Craft Breweries

Eastern Fraser Valley

Enjoy many different Wineries and Craft Breweries around the eastern side of the Fraser Valley!

1. Ripples Winery, located here Near Yarrow BC

2. Whispering Horse Winery, located here along Vedder Mountain

3. St. Urban Winery, located closest to Chickadee's Nest East of Sardis BC

1. Old Yale Brewing, located here in Sardis, BC

2. Flashback Brewing Company, located closest to Chickadee's Nest in Downtown Chilliwack, BC

3. Field House Brewing, located in Abbotsford, BC