Bridal Falls

A Cascade of Beauty

Have a picnic and spend your time in the Bridal Vale Falls park. Hike up to a beautiful waterfall, and take in the BC forest with its fantasy like moss and trees. This trail considered easy and only a half of a kilometer to get to the falls.

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Bridal Falls Waterpark

Summer Attraction, Minutes Away!

This water park is only a few minutes a way, near Bridal Falls. It features many existing water slides and a great place to cool off for the day!

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Othello Tunnels

At Coquihalla Canyon Park

This trail is flat, easy, and is worth the 40 minute trip to Hope to take in this breath-taking canyon straight out of something from Indiana Jones! Walk through a series of decades old train tunnels hewn out of the canyon side. I bet you haven't see something like this!

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Cheam Lake Wetlands

Catch a Glimpse of a Chickadee

A tranquil trail around Cheam Lake Wetlands with birdwatchers and mountain backdrops in this serene lake near the Chickadee's Nest Bed and Breakfast.

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Harrison Village

Lakes, Water Sports, Hot Springs!

Harrison Village is a vibrant place full of restaurants, sight seeing and water sports. Just a few minutes from Chickadee's Nest, and you will love the views of the lake and of Mt. Cheam from the lake!

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